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Lunatots Velcro One Size Cloth Diapers are:
  • One size CD that has adjustable button that can be used by Newborn until 3 YO baby
  • Waterproof Outer layer is made from PUL (Polyurethane Laminate)
  • Inner layer of custom micro fleece that keeps baby dry
  • Super absorbent 3 layer Microfiber Inserts (also called Soaker)
  • Available in 11 colors (White color is now AVAILABLE)

  • Additional Velcro Fastener with Laundry Tab
  • Unique design of 3 * 3 snaps to adjust the size
  • Fit baby weight from 3 kg to 15 kg (approximately 3 YO before potty train)
  • Suitable to be used during night time(approximately 10pm - 7 am) with 2 inserts. But it may varies to your baby's frequency of urination.

  • Lunatots Note
    Prolonged contact of microfiber insert with baby's bottom may cause dryness due to super absorbency of the material
    Do make sure to put the microfiber Insert/Soaker inside the Pocket Pants to ensure the only thing to touch the baby’s legs is the soft micro fleece on the inside.

    Lunatots Washing Guide:

  • Wash diapers prior to first use to remove residues left behind from fabric manufacture.
  • It is advise to wash it at least once it hot water with no detergent.
  • Remove any solid and flush down the toilet before washing.
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softeners because it might break down the fiber and reduce the life expectancy of the diapers.
  • Line dry in the hot sun or in the dryer on medium heat.
  • Do not iron or dry clean.

  • Snap Button Cloth Diaper - RM45
    (PACKAGE PROMO) 5 Snap Button Cloth Diaper - RM225 RM200

    Velcro Cloth Diaper - RM50
    (PACKAGE PROMO) 5 Velcro Cloth Diaper - RM250 RM233

    kepada sesiapa yg berminat boleh lah buat order skrg..
    cuma email kan butiran diri (nama, alamat, no. tel) ke
    payment akan diberitahu kemudian..


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