Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just for moms...

Jill Padded Nursing Maternity Bra (Nude & Mocha)
NOW RM42.90
NP ; RM49.90
  • A soft cup padded bra which offers great shape and superb comfort. So there are no more worries and embarrassments of your nipples showing after nursing.
  • It has wider sides and back for greater support.
  • It features a convenient one hand operated clip for easy and quick nursing.
  • Fully drop cup for easy nursing and pumping, which allows more skin contacts with your baby during nursing.
  • There is a layer of cloth with elastic side bands for extra support (at the side of your breasts) when the cup is dropped.
Available color & sizes :
Nude ; 34B (1), 36B (0) & 38B (1)
Mocha ; 34C (1) & 36C (1)

Sizing guide:
To determine your band size and cup size, you'll need to take two measurements while wearing a good-fitting, unpadded bra. For the band size, measure around the body, just under the arms, with a measuring tape. Remember to stand up straight and breathe normally. If the measurement is an uneven number, round up to the next even number.

To determine your cup size, you'll need to measure around your body at the fullest part of the bust. Be certain the measuring tape is secure against your back.

Subtract the first measurement (the underarm measurement) from the second measurement (the bust) and look at the chart below to determine your cup size.

Difference between bust and band measurement: Cup Size

Up to 1" larger: A
Up to 2" larger: B
Up to 3" larger: C
Up to 4" larger: D
Up to 5" larger: DD

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