Saturday, April 24, 2010

LunaCare Detergent (1kg)


Why LunaCare
  • Normal laundry detergent may contain a handful of chemicals that can react with your love one's delicate skin and cause irritation.
  • Hence we at Lunatots have formulate a mild laundry detergent that is safe for your babies skin and for your diapers.
  • For babies with sensitive skin, Lunacare Detergent formulas or Sensitive formulas usually do not contain dyes and fragrances. Be aware that some children can develop severe allergies to coconut and citrus based products. Lunacare Detergent are free of these!
  • Allergies can be aggressive in some cases, so don't waste time thinking your child might recover without intervention. To help you weed through a rash or possible allergic reaction in your child consider these: your detergent, possible teething, new foods in your child's diet, clothing materials they come into contact with, and how well your detergent is being rinsed from your child's diapers.
  • Lunacare Detergent does not contains any enzymes as these enzymes can actually attack baby's sensitive skin and cause horrible, blistering rashes! You should also avoid washing cloth diapers with soap products since repeated washing with soap creates a waxy build-up that reduces the absorbency of cloth diapers.

  • 100% Phosphate free (we care for our beloved planet!!)
  • biodegradeable
  • NO enzymes
  • NO optical brightener
  • NO dye & fragrance
  • concentrated formula

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