Sunday, August 15, 2010

Joy Angel - Breastmilk Storage Bags *7oz* (25 Bags) *BPA free*

Joy Angel - Breastmilk Storage Bags *7oz* (25 Bags) *BPA free*

PRICE: RM12.90

Joy Angel understands that the milk you express for your baby is a precious fluid. It combines the best possible nutrition with antibodies, live cells and other substances that protect babies from infection and help them grow and develop.

Therefore, Joy Angel breastmilk storage bags have the following features:
* Food Grade materials which comply with FDA requirements
* Medical grade materials, especially ideal for long term breastmilk storage in freezer
* Double layers to retain nutrients efficiently for a longer period of time
* Pre-sterilised and it comes with a safety seal, which you need to tear off before use
* Self sealed
* Self support (comes with a gusseted bottom to allow for expansion, so that it can be stored upright and take up less space)
* Milk thaws more quickly in bags
* Thick laminate to prevent ink leaching into milk
* Heat sealed sides prevents splitting
* A write-on tab (to write name and date pumped) outside the fill area to eliminate potential puncture and milk contamination
* Storing and thawing of milk guidelines stated on each bag
* The best and yet the most value for money you can buy

Joyous notes:
* Wash & dry hands before use
* Tear off the safety seal at the top of the bag and open by gently pulling the zipper seal apart.
* Joy Angel milk storage bags are pre-sterilized and do not need to be washed before use.
* To avoid freezer burn, the air should be removed from Joy Angel milk storage bags as completely as possible before freezing. For this, take the bag between your forefinger and middle finger (like scissors) and press the air above the liquid level towards the zipper.
* Seal the bag by compressing the seal. Repeat the procedure to ensure safe sealing.
* Try storing milk in single-serving size to avoid wastage
* Leave some room at the top of the bag. Frozen milk expands as it freezes.
* Label the bag with the date and time the milk was pumped
* Store milk in the main fridge compartment, away from the door, to avoid temperature change
* Use milk that has been in the refrigerator or freezer the longest first (first in first out)

Proudly Made in Malaysia

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